In this consultation session, Resylem will study and thoroughly evaluate your skin, she will examine how its past has been and how to intervene today to achieve perfect facial skin.

Resylem Zito

Resylem Zito has been a facial expert for many years in the sector. Recognized professional in Italy, he collaborates with doctors in the medical / aesthetic field. Engaged in facial care every day, many people rely on her for experience and professionalism, and to have perfect facial skin!

What is counseling?

The first step to get to know Resylem and thus start the path for your face. Every skin is born normal. With the passage of time, hormonal phases, food, environment, smog, wrong products, wrong or ineffective habits lead to dull skin, with the presence of blackheads, sebaceous cyst, irregularities in the skin texture, roughness to the touch, often resulting in imperfections, such as: shiny skin, dilated pores, dry skin, etc. In the consultation phase, Resylem will examine your skin, accurately identifying the imperfections and the causes that led them, analyzing all the phases of your skin’s life . After this consultation session, Resylem will show you how to manage your skin and which products you should use, giving you a compact, luminous and smooth skin, regaining its natural normality.

Why was this service born?

People often turned to me after going out unsatisfied from dermatologists, beauty centers and specialists. Their skin did not get concrete results and they were often given too aggressive products or treatments. So I decided to listen to women and be able to give them back that serenity and confidence by helping them to know their skin well and really discover what to do and not do to get perfect facial skin.

How is the consultation session with Resylem carried out?

– You will meet Resylem in person directly on skype.

– There will be 3 phases, of which, informative, visual and tactile.

– Identification of the imperfection and personalized solution.

– Furthermore, through the skin test, you will finally have the situation at home under control. What is right for you, how and when to use it.

Who is it for?

  • To all people who want to start a journey and finally take care of their skin.

  • To those who want to know their skin perfectly and understand what to do.

  • To those who want to understand through the Skin Test, which products to use at home and how to use them.

  • To those who are truly motivated to achieve results for the skin of their face.

Who can participate?

  • In this first phase of filling out the form, you will send your application which will be first viewed by Resylem’s staff and if deemed suitable it will subsequently be evaluated by Resylem who will choose the best ones.
  • This form will therefore allow you to apply for a consultation with Tatiana and does not give you the right to book, this is because Resylem is very busy and therefore reserves the choice who to follow.
  • By filling out this form, you describe well the current situation of your face and the results you want to achieve.




  • CONSULTANCY + SKIN TEST – 7500 Php. Resylem will examine your skin by evaluating its current state and all the phases it has experienced throughout its life, it will identify what will be the tailor-made path for your skin that you will have to do in the following months. The consultation with Resylem will allow you to know exactly your skin. Resylem is today one of the most authoritative facialst experts in Italy and sees many women who rely on her every month. Furthermore, through the skin test, Resylem will examine your products and will evaluate if they are right for you, if to replace them and what to replace them with, all this to have a perfect beauty routine at home.



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